Sunday, November 11, 2012

Now and Then and Then Again

Ahh, who wouldn't love this?
I had mentioned the other day that Mr. McCartney was at it again as well. I thought this Official Facebook Post was quite cute.

If you are struggling with the answer, I can give you a hint. It is something one might find on a grave.

While I am being morbid, I should add on a serious note that I am deeply relieved that Paul and Nancy (and pilot) were all okay after a recent close call.

Finally I deeply envy anyone lucky enough to be at the Paul McCartney concert in St. Louis tonight. Hope you have a great time.


Anonymous said...

something one might find on a grave
if the gave was marked

Anonymous said...

Interesting the news on the McCartney helicopter came 9 11 2012
and what about him talking about not being able to play the bass?????????
at the iamaphony video

Anonymous said...

He was not liking the way he was playing the bass line during the session. Duh he can play bass. . .check out the Apple rooftop concert where he performs flawlessly on bass/vocals.

And every other concert he's played.

Easily one of the best, if not THE best, bassists in pop/rock history.

Definitively the most innovative rock bassist as well.

Anonymous said...

Flowers in the dirt.

A clue, eh, paul?



Anonymous said...

Hello, Taf,
Just a plug for me book....
google the title,
"The Enigma Of David's Toe"
You site and others were the influence for it.
The many years I spent reading around the web.

As usual, much love,

CnsP said...


The character of tafultong is back to his writting habits just when iamaphoney is plagued with accusations of being honoring his name. by keeping up the game youre not just trying to give a little hope to all us, neither trying to back up phoney, but doing what you just said: giving hints.

what really called my attention is that book entitled "billy'sback: the memoirs of billy shears"
which if some of you noticed its existence might have realized too that it claimed to be on an adbrigded version for a while, well the complete version came out about a month ago, but now the site is down. still you can see the that the icon on is still a miniature size picture of the cover of the book that you can find on

and for me the most interesting part of it is on the first paragraph of the fisrt chapter. itssays : " you will be released on the 21 of february 2014" and it says that mccartney asked for how many more years¿?? NINE.
read it , you will get the point more clearly from it, than from me.

The thing is i bought the incomplete version months ago and it says the same except for the year, it says " you will be released on the 21 of february 2013"

So , supposing iamaphoney is telling the truth those nine years that paul asks on the book might have been granted,(plus one) although wainting for nine more years sounds like shit.but for that to happen McCartney has to die? i think the revelation was really pretty close to be revealed,since mccartney was real close to die just two days after the revelation date.

Well, just some thoughts. perhaps its all coincidence

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the memoirs of Billy Shears.

NO WAY is that not a hoax lol

Keep those suckers coming.

Dogstarisdead said...

Dogstarisdead said...


Anonymous said...

Really? another countdown? And coming from a guy who failed to deliver the revelation he promised just a month ago?. Got to be Kidding! What happened with 10/12/12? Can you answer that Fog Star?

Anonymous said...

Dog crap

Dogstarisdead said...

On 10/12/12 the video was posted as promised. I have waited this long to announce the release date for the next project because I wanted to see if iamaphoney would deliver.

"Fog Star", "Dog crap" Funny funny.

Anonymous said...

Fog Star said: "On 10/12/12 the video was posted as promised."

But some vital info was lost, God knows why...

"I have waited this long to announce the release date for the next project because I wanted to see if iamaphoney would deliver. "

And you need 9 months to be the one delivering...Say it now. You wont be as popular as IAAP anyway, only 234 viewers to your last "revelation".

A piece of advice for you: The IAAP model of countdowns and mistery is old. Be Creative. Do something nobody does...Say exactly what you know for example...Cut the Subliminal bullshit, be straight

But I dont think you know the truth. All you are doing is trying to get attention like IAAP did.

Im not trying to fuck with you, im being honest, because I like the fact you´re kind enough to answer (Just like IAAP, right?).

Dr. Robert

Dogstarisdead said...

I sense disenchantment on your part, Dr. Robert. As well as some contempt when addressing me.

The truth will come out, with or without me. I assure you I'm in this for all the right reasons, I've got nothing to hide. If it makes you feel better, don't think of 7/20/13 as a countdown as much as an announcement of things to come. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, just for the Paul dead? I Dont want to know how you know it. Its Easy! :)

Dr. Robert

Dogstarisdead said...

Paul is very much alive.

Anonymous said...

btw, no contempt at all. Im just tired of people claiming to know things but saying nothing at all (Iamaphoney, Sun King and that nut case called Iameye to name a few)

Dogstarisdead said...

"Im just tired of people claiming to know things but saying nothing at all"

Understandable. 7/20/13 is the intended release date for a feature length documentary I am working on, the first of a trilogy, hence my hesitance to confirm or deny anything right now.

Good night. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Paul is alive wich I already, are you trying to tell us the story behind the clues and its meaning, or trying to show something spiritually related about the world we live in? (Im interested in both).

See, it was easy, and as I said before I like the fact you are chatting with me, very kind of you.

Im going to stop calling you Fog Star (at least until 7/20/13) :)

Anonymous said...

"Interesting the news on the McCartney helicopter came 9 11 2012"

Did someone try to take them out on 9-11? It didn't happen. Lucky for them,they have a good pilot.

Did anyone actually watch the video? If you pause there is quite a bit in there but then again why all the loopholes? 2 gravestones of Lennon, 3 gravestones of McArty, and 1 gravestone of Georgie, 2 Ashers buried???? Is Ringo the only one left? Then there is the pics of wormholes!

All these other folks they are claiming are dead or died seem to be alive today.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up, Dog?

(come on... that one was funny)

I think what the other guy is saying is that you said, or alluded to the fact that you would release another video on a particular date, and then did not.

I think you even mentioned something in one of the forums, about how you left something off the end of the urbi et orbi vid and intended to shortly follow up with a supplemental explaining the missing element....

I could be remembering that wrong.

I will say, at least you gave, in the aforementioned video, a more complete and straightforward understanding of your position than IAAP has done.

Kind of disappointed there will be no new stuff any time soon, but I'm sure your feature-length work will be interesting. Good luck with that -- I hope it goes well.

Dogstarisdead said...

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

An interesting point of while talking about Paul/faul bass playing in the late 60's check out the session bassplayer Herbie Flowers melodic "up high" style of playing and compare it with Pauls...quite close...

Anonymous said...

I am the resurrection and the light and y'all got too much time on yo' hands

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why continue with this. The Beatles are history, I see no point in continuing. Phoney bailed on the Revelation, clues have been analyzed over and over again, the Pepper cover has been scrutinized by thousands of eyes and yet we still have no answer, just hunches. Soon Ringo and Paul will pass and hopefully the PID myth will go with them. The 60's are over my friends, much like Lennon said "The dream is over"

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Justin McCartney said...

The countdown clock on the Revelation page is now counting down to either August 6th, 2014, or June 6th, 2016. It currently says either 2 months, 2 days, 20 hours, 57 minutes, and 50 seconds, or 2 years, 2 days, 20 hours, 57 minutes, and 50 seconds. Please e-mail me at Thank you for reading this comment.


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Unknown said...

It's 2017. I've watch thewingedbeatle, I've studied and listened to therightalbum. Where do I go from here? I've spent the majority of my 32 years of existence researching all this. Lead me to where I need to go next IAAP. I beg of you sir! Please contact me, be it here, YouTube, my email which is, where ever you so choose. Thank you for the knowledge and everything you've taught us. I hope to hear anything at all from you.


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